Stay Hungry My Friends

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Couple dressed as a Dos Equis beer commercial for Halloween

I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis

Lauren and I won some cash money at our Halloween party for winning the best duo category.

We actually tied with the Ocean Spray cranberry guys.

Lauren and I each voted for us.  Dave and Matt (the cranberry guys) both voted for us too.  That’s a 4 vote swing in the polls, which put 80 cool George Washingtons in our pocket and 80 less in theirs.

Moral of the story:  You ALWAYS vote for yourself.

The Most Interesting Man in the World might say:
“If you don’t vote for yourself, why should anyone else?  Stay Thirsty My Friends.”

That’s what I’ll be doing right now in the Best of Long Island contest.  I’m going to this link to vote for the Cookroom in all 5 categories:

  • Best Breakfast (the Cookroom, check)
  • Best Brunch (the Cookroom, check)
  • Best Burger (us)
  • Best French Fries (us again)
  • Best Pancakes (I’m going with us)
haloween costumes of the most interesting man in the world, a human bottle of dos equis and the ocean spray cranberry guys

In the bog with our co-winners

Dressed as the most interesting man in the world from the dos equis commercials

I don't always eat burgers, but when I do, I prefer the Cookroom's

Stay Hungry My Friends.


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